Welcome to our July update on IMAGINE 2018.

Please ‘keep an eye out’ for newsletters updating important information for your school for IMAGINE 2018.

We still require registration and commitment forms from schools. This will ensure your school is updated with any important Event information.

This Exhibition is the only one of its kind..allowing all schools from across Victoria to showcase the amazing art our students are producing. As you prepare for IMAGINE 2018 consider 2D, 3D, individual, collaborative, all forms of art. Also consider your IT and textile programs. We’d love to include still, moving images, a ‘catwalk’ of fashion..

As you are planning, creating.. Check out how the Exhibition will be helping the amazing projects we support.  ODA (Opportunities for Development Thru Art) in Siem Reap  and FLAME in Phnom Penh.  Please share this with the students you are working with. We have included links to their websites and videos for using with your school community. It’s so important that students can see, that through their own actions, they can make a difference to the world around them. Art is such a powerful medium for getting messages across. We want students to feel proud to take feel a sense of community and empowerment to know they can make a difference in the lives of others.


Please complete our ‘artwork details’ form. We need these ASAP to start to develop our Expo layout. We’d also like to be able to share the participating schools. This may help schools having difficulty delivering their artworks, to be able to share the load.  All details (extended to)due


We are preparing to contact real estate agents who have generously helped us to promote  schools and the Exhibition in the past. They will assist free of charge and this is a wonderful way to promote the Exhibition and all it represents to your school and the wider community