Hi Julie and all your wonderful school supporters of Have a Heart for Cambodia,

We wish to thank you all so very much for the wonderful funds you raised July 2016 in your Victorian Schools Art Exhibition at Federation Square.  Your aim was to provide funding assistance for ODA’s efforts to support education for subsistence farming children in outlying villages from Siem Reap.  We now run 8 Free English Kindergartens and Schools with over 1300 students.  There is plentiful employment in tourism associated work, but English is mandatory.  Funding these operations, is a constant challenge for so many students as you can imagine in a poor 3rd world country.

As you know we have been trying to receive permission to build a single room school house for the ODA Kindergarten and School at Salakrovann Village in Siem Reap district Cambodia for 2 years now.  We have been running overcrowded classes in a small part walled rusty old shed.

Leng our Founder/Director knew from past experience there may be a small window of opportunity just before the recent Polls in early June 2017.  Sure enough he obtained the OK but just 10 days before the poll day, and he was advised he had to be finished in that time period.  That’s not abnormal here but very hard to accomplish!  Thanks to your funds from the Victorian Art Exhibition we had a starting point and flew into fund raising mode for the remainder while Leng had to source scarce building materials as permission had been given all over Cambodia.

 Day by day we purchased materials and paid labourers up to the amount we had raised.  Thanks to Lengs local contacts and negotiating experience he managed to have the build time increased and we are almost finished now.  Please see the attachment for pics though the build.

 Julie could you please share our huge thanks with all the schools, who made Have a Heart for Cambodia’s contribution possible.  We have put together a few pics for everyone to share and follow the process as it rolled out  Their students who painted your wonderful art may also be interested in seeing what they have helped to deliver for these keen young people here through their wonderful art creations.

                        AKUN TOM TOM – THANK YOU BIG BIG!

ODA is registered with the Cambodian Government, and Department of Education Youth and Sport of Siem Reap, as an Education NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) Non Profit designation.   PS – Please click in the YouTube logo in our footer below -then click video – then happy to see a 4 min video taken across ODA schools.



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