Our first State-Wide Exhibition of Student Art ‘OUR SUNSET, MY WORLD’ was held on July 23, 2016 at Federation Square.

It featured over 600 pieces of artwork from 90 schools across Victoria from the state, private and special systems. Thousands attended the Event from schools and the wider community. Schools ranged from the far north of the state to the west to the south and far south east. Many school communities made the trip to Melbourne for the night /weekend to attend.

‘OUR SUNSET, MY WORLD’, the first ever Victoria-Wide Exhibition of School’s Art was overwhelming. The theme encouraged students to reflect on their world, their lives and then respond through their art to the lives of children in Cambodia. The result of this was an amazing Exhibition…‘the gifts of our student hearts’ through their artwork, to the children of Cambodia.

All Victorian students’ artwork was silently auctioned. Alongside the Victorian student art, a LIVE AUCTION featured paintings by children from ODA and an amazing selection of photography from Esther, a former FLAME student now working with FLAME CAMBODIA. The Exhibition allowed students to see, through their own actions, they can make a difference to the world around them. “What a powerful medium art is in getting messages across and building relationships.” ‘Our students were so proud to take part..they really felt a sense of community and being empowered to know they can make a difference in the lives of others ‘ commented teachers.

The Exhibition was opened by Australian painter and printmaker, Andy Taylor. It was supported by Cultural Infusion’s Indigenous performers, ‘Western Creation;’ ‘The Studio of Dance’ and Cheltenham East Primary School’s ‘Wakakirri Team.’ A Story Writing Competition based on Graham Base’s Book ‘The Last King of Angkor Wat’ inspired young writers.




‘The exhibition was wonderful and was a thriving, colourful and spectacular event….It should become an important part of the calendar of our city as it reflects the very essence of Melbourne: goodwill and generosity, multiculturalism, valuing our youths’ artwork and creativity.’

Julie Shepherd Literacy Consultant

‘The atmosphere was one of excitement and pride as school communities came to support their young artists and raise much needed funds for Cambodian children. We were so impressed by the public attendance commenting on the organization and vision of such an event for Victoria.’

Michael Choi, Founder, Area Specialist Real Estate.

The exhibition theme, ‘Our Sunset, My World’, empowered Australian young people and their school communities with a very real understanding that they can make a difference in the lives of others. We were so impressed to see how hundreds of Australian students from across the state of Victoria responded to the theme of this exhibition.’

Peter Mousferiadis, CULTURAL INFUSION