Information for Schools

‘Let your imagination run wild, explore new worlds, old worlds, dreamscapes and fantasies.’

We would be excited to have your school participate in IMAGINE 2018, an Exhibition of Victorian Schools’ Art”, to be held at THE MEAT MARKET on Saturday September 1st 2018. The Exhibition will celebrate student art from FOUNDATION to YEAR 12.

It gives our student artists the opportunity to create artworks in any medium of their choice. In fact, we encourage you to engage in broad discussion of the possibilities.

The Exhibition will have the dual purpose of highlighting our students’ art while raising awareness and funds for disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

All artwork submitted for the Exhibition will be silently auctioned. The money raised through this Event will go to supporting disadvantaged children in Cambodia. The 2 organizations we support there, work with children in the slums and with children from poor farming families to give them opportunities to go to school, to learn English and begin to dream of a future.

A Live Auction will feature a selection of photography and paintings by young Cambodian students from the two organizations we are supporting in Cambodia. This auction will be held during the public viewing time.

Our vision is that our students will empathize with children whose lives are so different to theirs. We want to inspire and empower Victorian students to see, through their own actions that they can make a difference.



Keeping in line with the previous high standards of our first Exhibition, we would appreciate schools following the following guidelines closely.

1. Artwork [1] [2]


1.0 Selection Criteria

Each school may submit 5 pieces for the selection by the

Committee for the Exhibition of which a maximum of

three will be included.


1.1 Collaboration / Works Involving Multiple Students

Artworks may be collaborative pieces, which counts as

one piece, or may be individual. A collaborative piece is a

wonderful opportunity for large groups of students to be

involved and have their artwork displayed in this wonderful



1.2 Artwork Medium/ Mode

Artwork may take any form. The more variety we have, the

more amazing our Exhibition will be.


1.3 Artwork Theme

Each piece of artwork must reflect/be inspired by the

theme IMAGINE.


1.4 Artwork Dimensions

Artwork cannot be larger than 2 meters by 2 meters.

Anything larger than 1.5m x 1.5m MUST be accompanied

by its own easel.


1.6 Artwork on Paper or Card

All artwork created on card or paper MUST be presented

(mounted) in a black or white frame behind glass and

strung ready to hang.

2. Artwork Delivery and Submission


2.0 Delivery

It is the responsibility of schools to ensure all artwork is

delivered to The Meat Market on Thursday August 30th

between 10am and 2pm. Further details closer to date.

A PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS list will be published closer

to the exhibition date. This will feature schools you may be

close to and allow you to arrange to support one another

with delivery of artwork to the venue.


2.1 Artwork Identification and Labelling

All artwork must be clearly labelled with the school name,

the student’s name and school contact number.

You will be provided with formatted labels to print and

attach to student works.


3. Exhibition Proceeds

All proceeds from the exhibition will be distributed to the two

organisations supported by Have a Heart for Cambodia Inc

as listed on


3.0 Silent Auction

All artwork chosen for inclusion in the exhibition will be

silently auctioned with all proceeds going to the two

organizations supported by HAHFC in Cambodia.

1. Before submitting details of planned artworks – If you have any questions about the artwork you have planned, please
do not hesitate to contact us and discuss.

2. Please Note – Providing it meet the guidelines, artwork from each school will be selected and exhibited. It is at the
committee’s discretion, how many pieces are chosen for the Exhibition.

Responsibilities for Schools

We certainly recognise and appreciate the efforts of all

students who create and submit their artwork and their

enthusiasm to support Have a Heart for Cambodia.

We would strongly encourage all schools to display

artwork not selected for exhibition in a prominent area at

your school and hold your own silent auction to support

our cause. This is a great way to recognize the efforts of

all students. Appropriate materials such as a general

advertising posters, silent auction forms and information

about proceeds and the exbhibition will be provided to all

schools that wish to participate.


Photographs of these artworks will be displayed

electronically at the “Imagine” Exhibition for all those

attending to see and appreciate. Please see the timeline

below for details of this process and when to notify us

that this artwork has been sold and funds raised

forwarded to us. The Timeline will inform when to upload

a clear photograph along with the artist’s name and

school for us to use in the slideshow, so that these

students’ contributions can also be seen and celebrated

at The Meat Market on Exhibition day.

ding to see and appreciate. Please see the timeline below

for details of this process and when to notify us that this

artwork has been sold and funds raised forwarded



March 8th

Official Launch Night

May 7th (EXTENDED)

Final date for registration and commitment responses. Click here to be taken to the registration form or see the top of this page.

August 1st (EXTENDED)

Schools to submit color photographs and details of up to 5 pieces of student work for selection by the Panel.

Submission link available by clicking here or from the top of the page.

Details such as size, medium used, artist’s name and year level, number of students who contributed to each piece and suggestions for display will also be required for each piece (anything larger than 1.5m x 1.5m MUST be accompanied by its own easel -clearly labeled with name of school).

The Selection Panel will review the submitted artwork and make their selections based on quality for Exhibition standard selecting up to and no more than 3 pieces for inclusion. The remaining pieces can then be selected by the school to silent auction at their school.

August 9th (EXTENDED)

Schools will be notified re the committee’s selection of artwork for our 2018 Exhibition.

Schools participating will also be posted onto our website

August 21st (EXTENDED)

Schools to complete their own silent auctions of artwork not selected for The Meat Market. Please notify us ON the WEBSITE which artwork was sold and distribute the funds to us. These pieces will be electronically exhibited at the Expo on our promo ‘loop’.

August 22nd (EXTENDED)

All raffle ticket stubs and funds to be received by us to be included in the raffle draw at The Meat Market on September 1 2018.

August 30th (EXTENDED)

10am-2pm Schools to deliver their artwork to the Meat Market. 

Please contact us if this is difficult and we can make arrangements to help make this work for you.