Thank you to all the schools who supported our inaugural Exhibition

Hi Everyone.



to all those students who participated in our Exhibition.   

            to all the schools from across Victoria who participated,

Please let your wonderful school communities know we raised $14 000!!!!

What an Event!!  ‘Akun’ (‘thankyou ‘ in Khmer) ..on behalf of the hundreds of Cambodian children whose lives will be touched by this Exhibition; by the empathy and understanding of hundreds of Victorian students and their families who now know about a  little country not so far away from ours….but whose children’s lives are so different and the money raised through the silent auction of their artwork, the LIVE auction of ODA artwork, Esther’s photos and our raffle.

Congratulations to the students who won our Writing Competition.

Congratulations to the raffle winners, especially the 1st prize winner lucky Amanda Conder from Hallam PS. who will be flew to Cambodia for a special 9 days in beautiful Cambodia.

We were overwhelmed by the numbers of children, families and friends and also the public who attended the Expo. 

A special thank you to …

·         Cheltenham East Primary School for your beautiful, thought provoking Wakakirri Performance

·         Mentone Girls Grammar for the generous loan of your easels for our Exhibition layout.

Thank you so much to all the art teachers who ‘ran with’ your students, who inspired them and helped them to see the importance of their response to the children of Cambodia.

You are amazing!!

The money we raised through this very special Event will make such a fantastic difference to so many children in Cambodia. It will provide ODA with much needed funds for their work with the village schools… to which more than 1300 children attend and it will assist FLAME with their valuable work with the poor families who live in the slums of Phnom Penh.


The Team at Have A Heart For Cambodia